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This page illustrates how websites sound by default. Websites may override these intonations & behaviors.

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link computer source code emphasized strong keyboard key Quote.

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A rhapsode or, in modern usage, rhapsodist, refers to a classical Greek professional performer of epic poetry in the fifth and fourth centuries BC (and perhaps earlier). Wikipedia

Independant article
NameSalaryExtensionStart date Start date (American)
Bloggs, Fred$12000.00 135318/08/200308/18/2003
Turvey, Kevin$191200.00 234202/05/197905/02/1979
Mbogo, Arnold$32010.12 275509/08/199808/09/1998
Shakespeare, Bill$122000.00 321112/11/196111/12/1961
Shakespeare, Hamnet$9000 900501/01/200201/01/2002
Fitz, Marvin$3300 555422/05/199505/22/1995

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For this to be possible, the method of storage must not place its own restraints on the information. This is why a "web" of notes with links (like references) between them is far more useful than a fixed hierarchical system.

Tim Berners-Lee