AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-30Release Rhapsode v3 with hyperlinksHEADmasterAdrian Cochrane
2020-10-30Navigate to selected link.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-18Prepare for navigating links:Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-18Expose additional logging via commandline options.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-14Improve Gemini support, upgrade HURL, log history records.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-13Expand on documentation of available CSS properties.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-12Specify the fallback license for the sound effects.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-12Populate changelog.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'contrib-ariana/issues'Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-06Merge remote-tracking branch 'contrib-ariana/doc-update'Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-31Added initial CSS API docs to CSS-Speech-TutorialAriana Giroux
2020-05-31Update & Fix grammar throughout docs filesAriana Giroux
2020-05-31Added issue for discussing visual docs upgradesAriana Giroux
2020-05-31Added issue elaborating on lackluster audio licensingAriana Giroux
2020-05-27ISSUES: Close play audio cues & arrow key navAdrian Cochrane
2020-05-21Added new issue to document forgotten CHANGELOGAriana Giroux
2020-05-17Release Rhapsode2!Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-16Add support for <form title>/<form alt>Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-16Clarify installation instructions based on testing/feedback.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-15Improve fallbacks for missing markers.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-15Don't let marks interfer with silence collapsing.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-15Make '#' refer to top of page.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-15Draft SpeechD integration.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-14Implement table navigation.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-14Spanish useragent stylesheet localizations.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-14Add arrow key navigation inside pages.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-12Receive keyboard input.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-11Extract navigation state out of SSML <marker>s.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-09BUG: incorrect counter resets.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-09Stylesheet updates for details, taking advantage of pseudoclasses, and attemp...Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-09Output encountered marksAdrian Cochrane
2020-05-09Fix markers misserialization.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-30Ensure marker counters are incremented.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-30Propagate local attrs through to output.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-30Localize CSS into DutchAdrian Cochrane
2020-04-29Read <progress> as a percentage, that's more international.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-29Extend MIMEtype dispatch to support alternative stylesheets.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-29Useragent CSS: Add localizations!Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-29Useragent CSS: Properly count table cells, adjust image labelling.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-29Ensure ordered list item counters are whitespace seperated.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-29Reduce stepsize for inner lists.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-29Insert markers into output SSML for navigation.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-28Save feedback regarding form design.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-28Catch more cases of consecutive breaks.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-28Collapse consecutive breaks again.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-28Implement :target pseudoclass.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-28Implement new -rhaps-marker property for controlling user interaction.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-28Extensively refactor to use the CSS engine's counters implementation.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-27Plan form handling.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-24Take advantage of new Haskell Stylist assets & pseudoclass filters.Adrian Cochrane