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mainNormalize sfx format (reduce failure points).Adrian Cochrane3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-11-11Normalize sfx format (reduce failure points).HEADmainAdrian Cochrane
2021-11-11Fix keyboard input handling.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-07Release Rhapsode 5!Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-07Denote that table headers are linked.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-07Add wakeword detection. Currently uses Voice2JSON/Mycroft Precise's default '...Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-06Bug/compilation fixes to voice commands implementation.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-03Integrate Voice2JSON for voice command input.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-01Initialize Voice2JSON for speech recognition!Adrian Cochrane
2021-05-30Revert PocketSphinx integration.Adrian Cochrane
2021-04-20Document licensing of sorting sounds.Adrian Cochrane