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mainExtract logic into dependency!Adrian Cochrane3 months
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2022-11-05Extract logic into dependency!HEADmainAdrian Cochrane
2022-10-29Various tidies, including disabling wakeword in absence of Voice2JSON.Adrian Cochrane
2022-09-24Refactor link extraction to match new link dispatch, & defer internationaliza...Adrian Cochrane
2022-09-22Merge branch 'main' of into mainAdrian Cochrane
2022-09-22Factor out URI Fetching logic into seperate hackage.Adrian Cochrane
2022-09-15Ensure link labels are unique in about:versionAdrian Cochrane
2022-09-15stylesheet: Highlight marks via audio-cue & pitch & speak page titles.Adrian Cochrane
2022-09-15Distinguish SoundEffects+ & mixkit licenses on about page.Adrian Cochrane
2022-09-15Incorporate earcon for <mark> elements.Adrian Cochrane
2021-11-11Normalize sfx format (reduce failure points).Adrian Cochrane