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masterAlter to show TSV files.Adrian Cochrane2 years
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2021-08-26Alter to show TSV files.HEADmasterAdrian Cochrane
2018-12-02Fixed G Everett entry dropdown. added updated dataByronCinNZ
2018-12-02Added fixed img data. Dropdown selector to start traceryByronCinNZ
2018-12-02Improve header files.Adrian Cochrane
2018-12-02Allow restarting traversal from specific story points.Adrian Cochrane
2018-12-02Position images beneath headerbar.Adrian Cochrane
2018-12-02Fix clipping of visualization.Adrian Cochrane
2018-12-02Merge branch 'master' of Cochrane
2018-12-02Only show images in info boxes, as the documents give security errors.Adrian Cochrane