AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-17Rename internal variables/functions in the test routines.HEADmasterAdrian Cochrane
2020-06-17Rename internal variables from 'cell' to 'zone' & 'area' to 'geom'.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-16Rename 'area' to 'geom' in internal functions.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-16Rename 'cell' to 'zone' in internal functions.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-16Rename 'cell' to 'zone' in public API (few remaining cases).Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-16Rename 'cell' to 'zone' in public function names.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-16Move viewer into seperate repo.Adrian Cochrane
2020-06-16Rename types to reflect newer DGGS standards.Adrian Cochrane
2019-06-10Implement underlying model and rendering logic.Adrian Cochrane
2019-06-10Fix upwards navigation.Adrian Cochrane
2019-06-06Add navigation between cells.Adrian Cochrane
2019-06-06Implement selection/navigate down.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-30Implement the base for a libdggs UI.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-24Fix typoAdrian Cochrane
2019-05-24Implement coveredby, within, and overlaps.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-24Implement coveredby, within, and overlaps.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-24Implement contains operator.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-24Rename dggs_contains to avoid future conflict.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-24Implement Touches operator.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-22Perform RHEALPIX adjacency postprocessingAdrian Cochrane
2019-05-21Test adjacency between P/Q/R and N/S.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-21Find siblings outside of the same parent.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-21Refactor RHEALPIX adjacency into the layout into the four directions.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-20Expand the tests.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-17Guard against null adjacency functions.Adrian Cochrane
2019-05-17Merge branch 'master' of Cochrane
2019-05-17First-draft definition for RHEALPIX neighbouring cells.Adrian Cochrane
2019-03-19Link to development notes.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-27Implement difference operator.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-25Optimize normalization, implementing union/intersection.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-25Code simplification.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-21Benchmark geographic operators.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-21Benchmark normalization function.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-21Fix dynamic memory hygene inside normalization.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-21Handle allocation failures.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-21Implement geospatial operators.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-20Add cell relationship tests.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-20Improve README.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-20Implement equality operator.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-20Normalize geometries.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-20Optimize parsing.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-19Implement cell navigation.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-19License under the GNU GPL v3 or later.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-19Fully encode and decode DGGS geometries.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-18Parse individual cells.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-18Build includable library with Meson.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-18Setup build and test systems.Adrian Cochrane
2019-02-18Init.Adrian Cochrane