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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysAllow overriding localizations logic, including throwing as error.HEADmainAdrian Cochrane
7 daysSupport clientside certificates for HTTPS & Gemini.Adrian Cochrane
8 daysSwitch cryptography library & implement HSTS.Adrian Cochrane
2022-07-23Bug/crash/feature fixes for submitting forms.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-21Allowing sending HTTP POST requests.Adrian Cochrane
2021-02-11Release Rhapsode 2.1!Adrian Cochrane
2021-02-11Add compile flag for executable extensions thereby fixing build system.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07 dependency is required for ext: regardless of buildflag.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07Release HURL2!Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07Various fixes.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-05Upstream code for localizing filetype labels!Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-05Fix actual & potential crashes.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-05Release HURL1.5!Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-23Expose APIs to open downloads with other apps.Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-07Draft code to check whether to cachen an HTTP response.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29Jens Petersen <>: Broaden supported dependency versions.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-14Release!Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-08Switch over to OpenSSL for encryption.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-05Implement in-memory request logging.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-03Add support for URI rewriting pluginsAdrian Cochrane
2020-04-18Forgot to expose some necessary APIs, and fixed about: bug.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-18Release HURL 1.4!Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-18Implement simple commandline version of HURL.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-18Start a commandline version of HURL, currently 'Hello World'.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-17Upstream save function, with intelligent filenaming.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-17Add utility for concurrently fetching URLs.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-16Add Gemini support.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-10Update homepage & add README.Adrian Cochrane
2020-03-26Integrate AppStream into normal fetch routines, version!Adrian Cochrane
2020-03-22Draft AppStream loading code.Adrian Cochrane
2020-03-12Fix app dispatch logic.Adrian Cochrane
2020-01-20Report encountered exceptions in the response body.Adrian Cochrane
2020-01-19Dispatch unsupported URIs to native apps on FreeDesktop.Org-compliant desktopsAdrian Cochrane
2020-01-16Improve error reporting & it's localizationAdrian Cochrane
2020-01-16Add documentation, minor exported API adjustments.Adrian Cochrane
2020-01-15Add Accept-Language support on UNIX systems.Adrian Cochrane
2020-01-15Extract URL resolver from RhapsodeAdrian Cochrane