AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2022-11-02Merge branch 'main' of into mainHEADmainAdrian Cochrane
2022-11-02Release 2.1.1!Adrian Cochrane
2022-10-31Release 2.3!Adrian Cochrane
2022-10-31Fix overly-strict certificate validationAdrian Cochrane
2022-10-31Correctly report error MIMEtypes.Adrian Cochrane
2022-09-20Release HURL 0.2 exposing tables & parameterizing initial CSS.Adrian Cochrane
While I was at it, I allowed useragent CSS to style errorpages specially.
2022-09-14Release v0.1 decoupled from Rhapsode, with CSV/TSV & refined tablesorting!Adrian Cochrane
2022-09-11Add new action: URI, don't refetch page upon local anchor links.Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-18Extract MIMEtype parsing library from Rhapsode.Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-06Allow overriding localizations logic, including throwing as error.Adrian Cochrane
Release HURL 2.2!
2022-08-04Add decoupling layer for localizing HTTP errors.Adrian Cochrane
This removes logic from the messages module, reduces duplication, & prepares to allow callers to provide their own localized messages.
2022-08-02Switch to different proposed HTML syntax for crypto-authentication.Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-02Localize HTTP errorcodes!Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-01Support clientside certificates for HTTPS & Gemini.Adrian Cochrane
Meanwhile refactor Gemini to use internationalization for its error reporting.
2022-07-31Switch cryptography library & implement HSTS.Adrian Cochrane
2022-07-23Treat GET form submissions as normal fetch requests.Adrian Cochrane
2022-07-23Bug/crash/feature fixes for submitting forms.Adrian Cochrane
Now longer crashes when attempting to save cookies either in-memory or on-disk. On-disk cookie storage is now resilient to changes in http-client internals. HURL now handles encoding form submissions as per caller-specified MIMEtype. HURL now supports a choice of HTTP method when submitting forms. Bugfix means now content negotiation, caching, & form data are now actually sent to the server.
2021-11-11Note charset optimization.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-21Retroactively set cookies upon submitting POST requests to cater to CSRF ↵Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-21Allow sites to cookies in response to HTTP POST requests.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-21Allowing sending HTTP POST requests.Adrian Cochrane
2021-03-08Fix for more recent bytestring versions.Adrian Cochrane
Otherwise it doesn't know which `strip` function to use...
2021-02-11Release Rhapsode 2.1!Adrian Cochrane
2021-02-11Add compile flag for executable extensions thereby fixing build system.Adrian Cochrane
Might also be some crash fixes in here, I just realized I haven't committed these changes.
2021-02-11ISSUE: add Upgrade-Insecure-Request header, close openwith & caching issues.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07 dependency is required for ext: regardless of buildflag.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07Release HURL2!Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07Load executable extensions from more directories.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07Various fixes.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-05Upstream code for localizing filetype labels!Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-05Fix actual & potential crashes.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-05Release HURL1.5!Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-23Expose APIs to open downloads with other apps.Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-22Integrate new HTTP cache.Adrian Cochrane
And while I'm at it, implement HTTP redirects myself to report correct URIs to the caller & cache.
2020-12-20Add support for cache validation.Adrian Cochrane
This required redesigning the internal APIs & refactoring the code to read better.
2020-12-20Utilize the cache HURL's been writing!Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-20Cache everything for supported status codes.Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-15Write appropriate HTTP responses to the cache!Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-14Implement key-value storage for caching (TODO limit disk usage)Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-07Draft code to check whether to cachen an HTTP response.Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-07Ensure parsed rewriters are actually files.Adrian Cochrane
2020-12-07Support executable extensions.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29Jens Petersen <>: Broaden supported dependency versions.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-14Release!Adrian Cochrane
Includes improved Gemini support Switched over to OpenSSL for encryption Optionally logs network requests to memory or disk Supports URL rewriting extensions
2020-10-11Adjust OpenSSL settings (Help please!)Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-08Switch over to OpenSSL for encryption.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-05Implement in-memory request logging.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-03Add support for URI rewriting pluginsAdrian Cochrane
2020-05-17Correct alternative AppStream icon cache path.Adrian Cochrane
2020-05-15Don't crash on missing /usr/share/app-info/icons/Adrian Cochrane