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mainNote charset optimization.Adrian Cochrane6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-11-11Note charset optimization.HEADmainAdrian Cochrane
2021-07-21Retroactively set cookies upon submitting POST requests to cater to CSRF prot...Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-21Allow sites to cookies in response to HTTP POST requests.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-21Allowing sending HTTP POST requests.Adrian Cochrane
2021-03-08Fix for more recent bytestring versions.Adrian Cochrane
2021-02-11Release Rhapsode 2.1!Adrian Cochrane
2021-02-11Add compile flag for executable extensions thereby fixing build system.Adrian Cochrane
2021-02-11ISSUE: add Upgrade-Insecure-Request header, close openwith & caching issues.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07 dependency is required for ext: regardless of buildflag.Adrian Cochrane
2021-01-07Release HURL2!Adrian Cochrane