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2020-04-22ISSUES: Namespaces have just been implemented.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-22Compute correct specificity for :is() & :not() pseudoclasses.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-22Implement :nth-child() & :nth-of-type().Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-22Implement :is, :where, & :not functional pseudoclasses.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-22ISSUES: Record pseudoclass progress.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-20ISSUES: Plan psuedoclass lowering.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-20ISSUES: Text properties *mostly* implemented, upstreamed from Rhapsode core.Adrian Cochrane
2020-04-10Moved to personal git homeserver, copy ISSUES over from NZOSS.Adrian Cochrane