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mainRelease Stylist Traits 0.1.1!Adrian Cochrane4 weeks
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2022-11-03Release Stylist Traits 0.1.1!HEADmainAdrian Cochrane
2022-11-03Merge branch 'main' of into mainAdrian Cochrane
2022-11-03Expose & fix treeFind/treeFlattenAll utilities.Adrian Cochrane
2022-11-02Merge branch 'main' of into mainAdrian Cochrane
2022-11-02Fix breaking dependency.Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-16New releases of all hackages! + code tidies.Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-16Revamp XML-Conduit-Stylist API to avoid hard-dependency on Haskell Stylist.Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-13Add utils for implementing :target-within, ensure unlayered styles take prece...Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-10Fix @layer to play nicely with the conditional at-rules.Adrian Cochrane
2022-08-09Integrate @layer support into core engine!Adrian Cochrane