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2022-02-23Finalize release 0.1!HEADmasterAdrian Cochrane
2022-02-20Fix segfault upon too much HarfBuzz concurrency.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-20Fix reentrancy complaints from GHC, attempt to fix segfault.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-20Add documentation & corrected type signatures.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-17Add, test, & fix shaping function.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-17Fix build linking errors (mostly by upgrading GHC).Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-16Try wrapping HarfBuzz C++ functions in C functions for calling convention/lin...Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-13Draft language bindings to font/face APIs.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-13Expose util functions on scripts & buffers.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-12Correction: buffer's codepoints are all Chars.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-12Reimplement parts of Harfbuzz where that's easier than writing a binding.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-12Integrate guessing chars, document properties, expose default property values.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-11Implement conversion from functional Buffers to imperative Buffers.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-11FreeType integration is not threadsafe, not that in API design.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-11Design FreeType2 integration.Adrian Cochrane
2022-02-11Draft pure-functional Harfbuzz API.Adrian Cochrane