AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-19Fix crashes.HEADmasterAdrian Cochrane
2020-11-18Merge branch 'master' of Cochrane
2020-11-18Allow specifying colour formulas.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-18Merge branch 'master' of
2020-11-18Added sample config filesByronCinNZ
2020-11-18Add support for custom opacities.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-18Support reading from config for startup inputsByronCinNZ
2020-11-18Fix assignment of attributes to tilepaths.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-18Parse hue, fix parsing of central zone.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-17Allowing specifying central zone within config files.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-17Add support for specifying filetype outside of filepath.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-16Merge branch 'master' of Cochrane
2020-11-16Add rudimentary config file support.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-12Misc performance issues. Removed resource deallocator from render.c, removed ...ByronCinNZ
2020-11-12Update Readme with endpoint links for GeoSolutions and Surround data servicesByronCinNZ
2020-11-11Merge branch 'master' of Cochrane
2020-11-11Passing zone info to fetchNetworkTile until fix is applied at serverByronCinNZ
2020-11-11Generators have no length.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-11Handle the case where the RDF server finds no items in a bbox.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-11Fix to usage of httpaio API, broken paging.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-10Fix indentation issue.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-10Attempted rewrite of pagination to use Link header.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-10Fix: Append additional JSON pagesAdrian Cochrane
2020-11-10Add missing import.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-10Fix parameters error.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-10Syntax error.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-10Implement pagination for JSON API.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-09Reduce resolution downloaded for JSON services.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-09Don't cache incorrect initially empty data.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-09Fix type error.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-09Syntax error fix.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-09Turn off progressive rendering.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-09Optimize JSON API support.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-06Provide textual output for Jupyter Notebooks geometries.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-06Fix syntax errors in Jupyter module.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-06Strip datatype prefixes in favour of filetype sniffing.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-06Preserve left-hand-side attrs in set theoretic Jupyter Notebooks operations.Adrian Cochrane
2020-11-06Fix jupyter notebook demo appByronCinNZ
2020-11-06Merge branch 'master' of
2020-11-06Added test imagery directoryByronCinNZ
2020-10-30Strip off json+ prefix before fetching URLs.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-30Silly typo.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-30Bugfix: '?' in URLs shouldn't be handled as a filepath template.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-30Add support for remote JSON (and CSV?) files.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29Show partially loaded images.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29Skip remote layers for info queries.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29Code tidying.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29Fix cropping of progressively downloaded data.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29Progressively display paginated data.Adrian Cochrane
2020-10-29fix remote data display issueByronCinNZ