AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-22Display CSS styles in web UI.HEADmasterAdrian Cochrane
2021-12-22Integrate Haskell Stylist for CSS debugging.Adrian Cochrane
2021-12-21Integrate HXT for working XPath support.Adrian Cochrane
2021-12-20Implement WebDriver forms, viewsource, & noops.Adrian Cochrane
2021-08-26Implement forms in WebDriver API.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-20Add support for clicking <datalist> <options>s or <label>s.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-20Implement (GET) form submission.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-19Add support for <select> in forms.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-19Add initial form supportAdrian Cochrane
2021-07-16Draft code to find & prefill forms.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-15Allow 'clicking' links both via Selenium & the web browser.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-15Fix infinite loop in XPath parser preventing UI integration.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-14Allowing retrieving element info via WebDriver.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-13Add Webdriver noop for active element.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-13Allow searching for a descendant of a given element.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-13Attempted integration of XPath selectors.Adrian Cochrane
2021-07-07Implement XPath interpretor, with partial stdlib implementation.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-30Draft an XPath parser.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-27Add search by tag name to JSON interface.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-27Support searching for links by label, both in JSON & HTML interfacesAdrian Cochrane
2021-06-27Add session/*/element WebDriver endpoint.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-26Add links for navigating through the XML/HTML tree.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-26Add stylesheet based on elementary OS & Solarized, with darkmode.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-26Show search queries in existing searchbox, not new one.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-26Create pages describing elements & style Amphiarao.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-25Show syntax-highlighted start tags for elements in HTML UI.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-24Expose CSS selector search in UI FIXME: build the linked pages.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-24Add support for querying elements by CSS selector.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-24Parse web (or Gemini) pages & extract title.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-23Add noops for window (re)sizing, resorting to throwing errors.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-23Add WebDriver noops for frames.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-23Add noop stubs to control non-existant windows.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-23Allow navigating (tab) history.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-23Allow testing reloading of webpages.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-23Refactoring, allowing reading which URL was loaded.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-23Allow loading webpage, commit missing files.Adrian Cochrane
2021-06-14initAdrian Cochrane